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Sherrys Stem Cell Therapy and Microneedle Treatment with Exosomes

The Exosome Regenerative Complex+ is the most recent discovery in skin regeneration and rejuvenation supported by clinical evidence that harnesses the power of lyophilized exosomes, stem cells and growth factors, hyaluronic, coenzymes, peptides, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins-I use all this in combination with micro channeling in our Microneedle procedure.

An exosome facial treatment is an excellent option for those individuals who wish to improve the overall health of their skin from the inside out and produce as much moisture and collagen possible

Why Exosomes is the Ultimate Alternative to PRP

Exosomes may be used topically once reconstituted from their separate vials. The research and development for this product take place in a laboratory that has been granted approval by the FDA and adheres to the strictest quality requirements. This is about half as expensive as platelet-rich plasma, but it does not need any blood draws or special equipment in the doctor's office, which is a huge plus for patients.

Additionally, it has a significantly increased concentration of growth factors, contributing to even more excellent outcomes and skin results.

Exosome therapy is somewhat comparable to PRP therapy, which employs the same idea as PRP, namely the use of growth factors to stimulate collagen production. However, the most significant distinction is that these growth factors are not extracted from the patient's own blood; instead, they are produced in a laboratory, free of the debris and extraneous components present in PRP serums

Exosome Facial Therapy with Cyro laser, O2 and NIR light treatment

Many people are familiar with the "Vampire PRP facial," which was made famous by Kim Kardashian; however, over the years, the same platelet-rich plasma has been uniquely transformed into the more advanced form known as exosomes.

Exosomes are a component of the process through which skin cells regenerate.

The exosome facial may be performed as a stand-alone treatment, but it is best to combine this serum with a more sophisticated laser treatment for optimal results.

We recommend adding the Cryo laser treatment after Microneedling to calm and regenerate skin. We also like to add more micronutrients, oxygen and stem cells with our NIR led pulsing light treatment to finish this amazing skin treatment.


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